Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Blessings

I guess you can tell what my favorite part of Christmas Morning was, or my favorite gift. I finally got a Mr. Coffee by Keurig, and it is red. :)  I am the only coffee drinker in our house and I always hated to make a pot for just me because it would always go to waste. I have been in coffee Heaven the past week! Christmas morning is always filled with so much excitement and both Tyler and Georgia were just loving everything about our morning. Ghee and Poppy came over for breakfast and gifts. I believe Santa got just what Ty and Georgia Kate were wanting, well at least Ty. Ty asked for the Lego City Police Station, and Santa had it all put together for him. GK got a pink Pottery Barn chair to match her Brothers red one. I loved seeing this chair put together for her next to the tree, because I had been dreaming of the matching chair for a while, of course Landry's would have been blue, but I loved being able to put another one together.
What a beautiful Christmas, and of course Landry got some special gifts/donations. It makes my heart happy that Landry is included in our Christmas. What a gift.
So thankful for Christmas and the true meaning behind the day. Christmas Day we headed to Ghee and Poppy's house with Amma to celebrate Christmas with part of my dad's family. There were presents, great food, and a lot of laughter.
Well, Christmas is a wrap and I can now move on to the new year! Whew....

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