Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sick of being Sick

Germs invaded our house again this week. It  all started Monday Morning when I got lots of extra snuggles from Georgia Kate. Moments like those you realize that what ever you have to do or need to do can wait. By Monday evening Tyler became the next victim, but his has seemed to last a little longer. Yesterday, Tyler finally started his throat was hurting. I gave him Motrin and he seemed like a new person, but today he was still off and early evening he got really sick, again. I finally decided to take him in case it was something a little more. Well, Sinus Infection is the outcome. I have had those and there are miserable. He was tested for the flu, but it came back negative...... Thank goodness. That scares me. I tried to get GK to wear a mask while we were there, but it did not last. ;) I will say I held her the whole time. I just don't like when my babies are sick. Ty will get on antibiotics tomorrow, we tried to fill it these evening but they were already closed. I am ready and he is ready to be back to normal. He has missed school and his basketball game last night. He was not a happy camper when I told him he could not play.
Some weeks don't turn out as planned and home is just where you need to be for a few days. I will say I am ready for this season to end. It feels like Ty has been out of school for a really long time. Last week was the first week back, and then missing half this week. I love that he cried when the Dr told him he needed to wait one more day to go back... Sweet boy just wants to play with his friends Sawyer, Jarod, and Jaydon. :) Hopefully, next week will be a fresh new start for us. 

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