Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yee Haw

Georgia Kate is obsessed with farm animals. Well, it is a new obsession since moving to Brookshire. We see Horses and Cows everyday. It is not unusual to see them in our subdivision, and she always shouts Yee Haw along with Hi Horse, Hi Cow! Such a friendly Cowgirl. With Gk's Birthday in a few weeks (we will be celebrating with Family this weekend) Ghee and Poppy decided to treat our little Cowgirl to pink boots, pink hat, and a purple horse, which name is Pink. ;) What more could a Cowgirl as for. Me and Georgia Kate had to make a fast trip to Temple on Tuesday afternoon. I got summoned for Jury Duty and had to go and get out of it. Ryan also had shirts done for his district, so I went to pick those up and I also got a hair cut. So thank for all the familiarities of Temple. I miss that town every day. But, I am still working hard to find my place in our new town.
So thankful for a weekend full of family watching Tyler play Soccer and celebrating Georgia Kate turning 2. We have a fun few weeks ahead.     

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