Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Duck Park

In all the craziness of last Friday I forgot to add that a MOPS group in Katy finally had an opening and my first meeting with them was last Friday morning. I have never participated in a MOPS group before, and so I had no clue what to expect. But, I am at the point where I will try anything just to connect with other Women/Moms and hopefully create some friendships. Forming friendships is tough. Or at least I feel like it has been a struggle for me. I know it will get better, but we have been here for 2 months and I still feel like I'm trying to find a way to fit in. 
The MOPS here is huge and you are assigned a color, and that is the table you sit at. I was the newbie at the table, but they did invite us to to their yellow table play group on Monday, at a Park in Katy. There is another MOPS meeting next Friday, so we will give it another try.
The Moms that I went with called it the Duck Park, and it was beautiful. Not at all like the Duck Park in Temple. Georgia Kate loved it! It had a fun play ground attached to it, which was the perfect size for her. I packed some duck food and GK loved feeding the ducks. They were very nice ducks and GK became fast friends with them. :)
We will defiantly go back to this new find sometime soon.    

Yesterday marked the last day of the 6 week Bible Study I was attending, so we will miss our Tuesday morning outing starting next week. They might start up again in the Spring if they have enough interest. I really loved the study and GK enjoyed her time playing. We will have to find something fun to fill its place.
All I can say is I am thankful for all of this special time I have with Georgia Kate. She is so much fun and makes a cute sidekick.

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