Monday, October 14, 2013

Action Shots

I found my camera cord!! Since we are currently in a rent house and down sized in size and storage our garage is FULL of extra furniture and tons of FULL boxes. Ryan has it all organized according to importance, but it still is a little overwhelming to me. Thankfully, the box I was wanting was easy to find.
Tyler had a great first game on Saturday and his favorite part is that he is #8! Tyler has been #8 since we started soccer, so it was so special that he is still #8 on his new team. I really think the major differences is it is a co-ed league and their is a goal keeper. But overall is great to have Ty involved in something outside of school. We have all been a little stir crazy, so this will help. We are ready for a fun learning experience with a new league in a new City.
I will say that a part of me was a little "homesick" at the game. I missed the familiarity of the fields and people/friends. I know I should be adjusted by now, but some days and moments are just hard.    

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