Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick Or Tooth

We had a busy night and Morning in our house. It all started after bedtime. Tyler went to bed at 8 pm and walked in after 9 telling me he could not sleep, so we talked for a little bit and then I walked to get something and Tyler shouts, I lost a tooth! Tyler lost his 4th tooth (his first top tooth). Tyler immediately asked for his tooth fairy pillow, but our Tooth Fairy was not prepared, because we had no clue Ty had a loose tooth. Therefore, we had to tell Tyler that it was too late for the tooth fairy to come and she will come tomorrow. I hope our Tooth Fairy remembers to stop at the bank before bedtime tonight. ;)  

This Morning we woke up to Police Officer Ty! Tyler was super excited about being able to wear his costume to School. They went Trick or Treating through the Kindergarten Hallway this morning  and their class Halloween Party is this afternoon. I am going to go help during his party, well at least I hope to help. We will see what Georgia Kate will let me do. I know GK will be excited about seeing Tyler in his classroom. Lots of fun activities today. Happy Halloween!

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lvaught said...

LOVE his toothless smile!