Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Ty finally started soccer on Sunday afternoon. It's about time.... finally! Due to the time frame of our move we missed the deadline for the majority of Fall Soccer leagues. Thank goodness we heard about another Houston league titled Fun-Fair-Positive (FFPS). This league starts mid October and runs through the first weekend in December. Which is a lot later that than we are used to, and my first thought was we are going to be playing in freezing weather?!?!  But, I keep hearing it does not get too cold here during this time, so the weather and temps should not be an issue. We kick off our first game of the season on Saturday and we have our favorite Coach again, Ryan. ;)
Tyler is so thrilled to be playing soccer, again. He was getting really restless not having any extra curricular activities. We play in a town 7 miles from Brookshire at a local Elementary School. All practices and games will be at the same location. The best part according to me and GK is there is a play ground right next to the fields. Score!! This means Georgia Kate will be happy and not tempted to run out on the field. She loved warming up with the team yesterday afternoon, and then off we went to the slides.
We can't wait for Saturday and a fun season of Soccer.

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