Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Festival

Friday evening our School District held its first Fall Festival and I truly think it was a fun evening for all that attended, and the turn was was truly encouraging and surprising. Every grade level and or club/organization was in charge of a booth. There were so many fun activities for kids of all ages, Ex: Petting Zoo, Cake Walk, Dunking Booth, Bounce House, Throw a Pie in the Face, Greased Pig contest (which Tyler tried), plus numerous food booths. The PTO at Ty's school was in charge of selling drinks. And, I think from now on I will always choose drinks to be in charge of. You were right, Ryan. Thanks! ;)
Since this is the first year for Ty's school to "officially" have a PTO we don't really have a budget. Well, we do now. I created so many flyers leading up the festival asking for drinks donations of water and soft drinks. We were really concerned at first by not having a good response or enough parental support, and having to purchase a lot of drinks with our own money, but boy we were blown away by the response from parents. We have enough drinks to host several more events this year alone! We thought about selling drinks by the case towards the end of the night on Friday. ;) The PTO raised $373.00! Just by selling water and soft drinks. Not too bad for a Fall Festival Fundraiser. 

Both Tyler and Georgia Kate had great time considering they probably did not get to do as many activities as they would have liked. It was really only me and one other Mom selling drinks so I was not able to leave that area for too long and Ryan of course had Administrative duties, but we made it work. Gk got really good at handing me drinks out of coolers.
Such a fun evening being a Royal Falcon. It was a great way to kick off Halloween and all the fun Festivities that the next couple of months will hold. Can't believe how fast this school year is flying by.

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