Monday, January 6, 2014

Back To Reality

Our Christmas Break has officially came to a end today, as Tyler and Ryan went back to School and Work. We had the best two weeks off, and last week we were able to do a lot of fun family activities. On Friday we spent the afternoon at Jump Zone. Both Tyler and Georgia Kate had a blast and loved trying out all the fun bounce areas. We truly are so thankful for all the fun opportunities we have close by, and I really hope we can find the time and opportunity to continue to explore all that the cities close to us have to provide.
The first morning back to School after two weeks off went very smoothly. Tyler got right up and was excited about going back to School, and for that we are thankful. However, GK was a little lost this morning with out her Bubby and Daddy. She searched all over the house for them and just seemed so lonely most of the day. I think we both love when Tyler and Daddy are around and this break was just a little too fast for both of us. I think I will start the countdown to Spring Break!!
I had to run to HEB for groceries and there is a Chick Fil A close by and we have Christmas gift cards, so I treated GK to a fun lunch at her favorite place. I think that cheered her up a little. ;)
 Next week MOPS sarts back up and I also signed up for the Spring Bible Study (the same group that I did in the Fall) and that begins next week, as well. It will be nice to have activities to fill our day with and I'm really hoping to start forming some close friends this Spring. Tyler also has his first Basketball game this weekend, so we are ready for a fun Season. We love cheering on Tyler and watching him do what he loves.    

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