Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Houston Astros

Yesterday we were at HEB doing our weekly shopping trip and we noticed a few Houston Astros Staff Members walking around,  and then a long line of children with their parents. We figured it must be a autograph opportunity. We decided to go about our shopping, because I think our hearts will always have a spot for the Texas Rangers.
As we were checking out two Astros Baseball Players were bagging groceries next to us. Tyler thought that was really neat, but he was more interested in the Astros Mascot. He was so excited about getting his picture with him.
 We did not break it the the Mascot that we are Ranger Fans when he loaded us up with Astros goodies. No worries family we are not thinking of jumping ship. We will go watch the Astros this year, but it will be when the Rangers are playing them! It is all good.

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