Monday, January 20, 2014

Go Bulls

We had Ghee and Poppy here this weekend and if you ask me those are always my favorite weekends. I love when my family is here, everything just feels right in my world.
 For some reason Tyler and Georgia Kate always seem a little over excited and don't always act right when they are here, but I know they both all the fun and extra special attention they both get when Ghee and Poppy are here.
They got here early enough to pick up Tyler from School on Friday and that made his day, and it is also what he asked for. There was a Art Show at the High School on Friday evening so we all loaded up and went to the Art Show and then headed out to eat BBQ.
On Saturday Tyler had Basketball pictures and then his game. Tyler not only had Ghee and Poppy but our close family friend, Rodney came to cheer him on. What a lucky boy.
After the game Ryan had a Wedding in Westphalia to attend so we all enjoyed lunch, Target, and the park (Well, Poppy and Rodney decided on a movie over shopping) It was a perfect Saturday.
We had a wonderful weekend with Ghee and Poppy. We are so thankful for their visits.  

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