Sunday, January 19, 2014

Girl's Soccer Season

Royal hosted a Girl's Soccer Tournament this weekend that kicked off on Thursday. Our Girl's team played a game Thursday right after school, so we made our way to field to meet up with Ryan and watch some Soccer.
I have always loved Soccer, maybe because I grew up with a brother that played and the first part of my life revolved around the sport. The weather was absolutely perfect, so it made more a perfect afternoon. I let Georgia Kate bring one of our balls and she ran all over the empty field next to the field and kicked her ball. GK and Tyler both had a blast at the game, and I think there will be more games in our future.

We are enjoying a nice three day weekend! Ghee and Poppy came in to town on Friday afternoon so they could watch Tyler play Basketball yesterday. This afternoon we decided to explore a little and found another spot that we are sure to visit again, Cooper really loved it and felt right at home. We all love a nice long weekend.

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