Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Surprise Visit

We were surprised on Sunday afternoon with a very special visitor! The kids jumped for JOY and squealed when Ghee told us she was on her way to see us. I might have done the same!
Ryan left early Sunday morning for a School Administrator Conference in Austin, so Ghee coming was perfect. I have loved the company and extra help. Tyler and Georgia Kate have also loved having some special time with Ghee, too. 
Tyler wanted to take Ghee to the Dog Park on Sunday when she got here, so we did that and also made a trip to the park. A perfect Sunday afternoon. On Monday Ghee took Ty to School and then we enjoyed a Girl's day. Yesterday, I finally got my flu shot and Tyler's. I can't believe we waited so long, but I'm so thankful we got it done. I have really accomplished so much with my Mom being here. It feels great!
Ghee was planing on leaving today, but with the bad weather we got her an extra day. 
We have loved the past few days with Ghee and I really appreciate her being here while Ryan is gone. We really have had so much fun with Ghee and we are truly blessed that she took the time away and came to stay with us. We love you, Ghee! You have made this week so much easier for me and I can't thank you enough for all you do. You are the best. 

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