Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Francesca Battistelli - This Is The Stuff

This needs to be my theme song today. Seriously, I lost my key. Today, on the first day of Bible Study and the day that I was was asked to bring a food item. I was up and had everything ready to walk out the door early. And that can be a miracle some days. Therefore, I went to my purse to grab my key and they were not there so I the next place I looked was my car. No there.... I retraced my steps, but by this time Bible Study was about to start and even if I found them right then I still had a 20 minute ahead of me.
 Tears were falling as I was beyond  frustrated and embarrassed, and the whole time I felt like this was a way that Satan was trying to keep me from Bible Study. I kept praying over and over. As the hours passed I became desperate. I had torn our house and my car apart and still no key.... I even emailed Tyler's Teacher to check Ty's back pack for me, yes. I was one of those crazy parents. ;)  Ryan finally came home at 11:45 to help me look. I had already picked through the garbage several times, but Ryan dumped out a FULL bag of trash and my key was at the very bottom of the trash. YUCK! I'm still not sure how it got there, but it was found nearly 4 hours of looking. Ryan was my Knight in Shining Armor and Hero this afternoon! I guess I needed another pair of eyes helping me look. I still need to find my back up key, but at least one was found.
Some days just go all wrong and even the smallest thing, in my case a lost key bent me all out of shape but to me it was a reminder that even though it felt like Satan was trying to win, God was always there with me even in the most frustrating of days.
Listen to this song. I have played over and over and over today and it just made me put everything in to perspective. You will love it and it might just make you want to put on a tutu and dance. And maybe me and certain 2 year old did just that.      

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lvaught said...

I love that song too Holly...it always seems to play as I am driving to school!