Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yesterday Morning before Ty's Basketball game we headed to Royal to watch a Pig competition, or in our case just see all the pigs and show our support to the School  District. Plus, our family loves any opportunity to go to the FAA building. We had fun looking at the all the pigs and then we watched some of the Judging.
 GK was the most excited and she of course wanted to dress the part. As soon as we told her we were going to see the Pigs she ran to her room screaming for her "horsey clothes" in other words Cowgirl clothes and of course her purple Horse, Pink. Georgia Kate has really become obsessed with dress up and I love it. She got an assortment of dress up clothes for Christmas and her favorites are Tinkerbell, because of the fairy wings that came with them, and Doc McStuffins coat. GK has such a fun and cute imagination and we love seeing all of her different Costume changes through out the day.
In honor of Pigs we watched Charlotte's Web last night as our family movie. It was fun to be able to share on of my favorite Children's book and Movie with Tyler and Georgia Kate. I forgot what a great story line Charlotte's Web has. Such a perfect choice for our family movie.