Friday, January 24, 2014

Bad Weather Day

We did not get snow, but we got rain and freezing Weather. Basically, we got ICE!
What does that all mean.... School Cancelled. Ryan and the Superintendent made the official call at 4:45 am. Therefore, I got up with Ryan as he made some phone calls. All the Districts in our area made the same call with their Schools. We of course went back to sleep for a couple of hours which was nice and Ty was thrilled when he heard the news of No School.
Unfortunately, we did not have any fun pictures of Snow, but I of course had to get bad weather pictures. Probably the best of the day was Tyler eating his school lunch for lunch at home. I make his lunch every night and since we did not know about the cancellation Tyler's lunch was made. Well, Tyler thought that was so much fun! And, yes he was still in PJ's at 12:00. Lazy Morning.
Ryan ended up going to his office around 10 for a few hours. Ryan always enjoys working with no one else around. I will admit it is nice to have a random day off and we get another long weekend. The only down side is we have to make this day up. Oh, well. We had a nice day. Now it is Ice Cream and a Movie. 

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