Friday, March 25, 2011

A little Too Close To Home

I was making my way to Landry's grave site, yesterday to spend some time with him as yesterday, marked Landry's 8 months. We normally go as a family on the Month marker, but Ryan had a School Board Meeting last night which meant he would be working late. Therefore, we will do our family balloon release tomorrow, on Landry's 8 months in Glory.
As I was turning in to the Cemetery I noticed a huge line of cars parked close to Baby Land, and as I got closer I noticed a group of people standing over a tiny casket a few plots down from Landry. My heart immediately started to ache as we were in those couples shoes 8 months ago, and I know their pain all too well. I started lifting everyone up in prayer who was there burying a tiny blessing that went to heaven too soon.
I kept driving as it was not my place to stop and interfere at such a heartbreaking moment. On my way out I headed back the way where you can see Landry's plot from the street. As I was taking a glance at Landry's plot I spotted a young man turn away from the burial. He stepped back a few inches, and then he fell to his knees. Tears immediately filled my eyes as I am sure that young man was the Father. The pain that parents feel when burying a child is one that I can not fully explain, it is just heartbreaking. All of the emotions of burying Landry came rushing back to me at that moment and I felt so raw.
That moment and everything about seeing that funeral absolutely broke me. I have been thinking and praying about that family non stop, and as I later found out when I went back in the afternoon, that a precious little girl named, Kasey that lived for 84 minutes is now safe in the arms of Jesus.
Another point I should state is Landry was first baby since 2009 to be buried in Baby Land and since we buried Landry, July 28, 2010 there have 6 other babies buried in Baby Land. That seems a little alarming to me, and I wish I knew who these families were. Occasionally, there will be someone at the grave site at the same time as me, but I have never seen or met any of the parents that have recently had a child go to heaven.
My heart is broken for these families who live in our community that are walking the path of a parent that has a baby in Heaven. I pray that our Heavenly Father would wrap his arms around all the parents who have aching arms and long for a different story at times.

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